Two years ago I left my job in the digital marketing industry to embark on a new and unique career path – that of managing my little wiener dog who goes by the name of Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund.

Crusoe has become an internet-famous canine, featured in his own New York Times Bestselling book, winning over the hearts of over 1.5 million fans on social media, and has been the star of numerous viral videos, the largest of which is now at 53 million views at the time of writing this. Crusoe has enabled us to share in so many amazing experiences together. We’ve done a book tour across the US & Canada, meeting thousands of fans. We’ve been interviewed on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, among many others, and have been featured in a wide range of publications including Mashable, US Weekly, New York Mag, Chicago Tribune, etc.

What started as just a little hobby project has become my full-blown career, and this website is dedicated to sharing my learnings along the way of this unique adventure; from social media tips to tech tricks, to my occasional opinions, and more.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, with my girlfriend Lauren, and of course our little dog Crusoe.